- About Me -

Campbell Dunn |

I produce media content for sports teams by providing them with professional video editing, videography and photography to elevate their social media presence.

I work with Major League Baseball and ZonaZoo, the official student section of the University of Arizona. For the MLB, I am a live content coordinator using a wide range of photography and videography equipment. I create live content for both the Padres and the away team that play the Padres to be posted on both teams social media platforms. Working with ZonaZoo, I create social media content from a wide variety of Arizona sporting events to be posted on all of ZonaZoo's certified social media sites. 

My work has been showcased on a variety of platforms including, multiple Major League Baseball team's social media sites, player's social pages, University of Arizona campus wide pep-rallies and stadium jumbotrons.


Education & Jobs

University of Arizona
Film School — 2019

Major League Baseball, San Diego, CA                 Live Content Coordinator                                              Padres Instagram • Twitter • Facebook                        

ZonaZoo, Tucson, AZ
Media Director
ZonaZoo InstagramTwitterFacebook

Arizona Wildcat Hockey, Tucson, AZ
Technical Director and Digital Media Producer
Wildcat Hockey InstagramTwitterYouTube

Arizona Athletics, Tucson, AZ                  Videographer and Utility Assistant                      Arizona Athletics Instagram • Twitter • YouTube

What I'm doing

Major League Baseball

Capture the essence and fun of the ballpark for those who may not be there, while encouraging fan engagement and contributing new content for social channels.

ZonaZoo (Media Director)

Capture sideline photos and videos at both home and away Arizona Football and Basketball games for immediate posting to social media. Post-game, I create digital media content for posting on all social platforms.

Skills & Tech

Proficient in the following:

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Adobe Lightroom

  • Adobe Bridge

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Canon and Sony Camera Products

  • GoPro Hero series

  • GoPro Fusion

  • iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9+